Request for prayer

Prayer LIst

Elders and Deacons at the Independent Christian Churches in India- They preach salvation through Jesus Christ- Please pray God give them the finances they need to spread the word.
Elizabeth West-God lead in her life.
Anna And Caleb West- God Be with them every day to protect them and guide them.
Robert Peel- Malcolm Fredericks nephew. Lives in Nova Scotia. Pray for his salvation.
Pamela Hancock- Please pray for Pam's son, He needs to be saved. He has a drinking and drug problem. Pray God touch him.
Shirley Corporong- Pray for speech and that she can walk. She is a LRQ fan!
Pat Fevens- Pray for her son Brian for sever Asthma. Pray even harder for him to accept Jesus as Personal savior.
Eric McDonald- Pray for Salvation that God radically changes his life.That he put his past behind him and live for Christ! To Become the New Creature that God said He would make of all of us.
Scotty Samuels- That is wife can get a visa and come to the US.
Jodi Seigfried- Our friend Dale's daughter. Please pray God touch her in a mighty way!
C-  pray that he and all his loved ones be set free from the attack of all evil. That he put all his faith into Jesus Christ.
Shirley Ford- Please pray for Shirley Ford who has Melanoma Cancer that has spread to her lungs that God Heal her. Also pray for her family in this time!
d j- His friend is delusional and paranoid. She is a trauma survivor and may be schizophrenic. She is meddling with new age things, buddhism, the secret, and angel cards. She talks about magic and hexes. Please pray God touch her!
Robert Tucker- Pray for the healing of His heart. He has fibrillation and tachycardia. He has had surgery once before and really don't want to go through with that again. So let's all pray for healing!

Hepzibah Mary- Please pray that friendship be restored!

Anonymous- Pray that God will have mercy and that satan is kept away from her. Pray her memory is improved and that she receives an overflow of blessings!

Samantha- Ignoring her parents and avoiding them. She is breaking her parents heart. Please pray The Holy Spirit touch her.

Leo Sourisseau- Leo wants us to pray for the soon return of Jesus Christ! That every knee will bow and every tongue confess Christ as Lord.

Akash Murmu- Please pray that his wife, Sushila Murmu will come back to him.

Joyce Pittman- Daughter of Ms. Erma Hollerman, friend of LRQ for many years. Joyce is going to Chapel Hill Hospital for test on her liver and other things. She needs much prayer. Pray for Ms. Erma also that God giver her peace through all this.

Tracye Dockett- Pray She gets a good paying job with great benefits. Pray for emotional healing and strength from and relationship that break-up. Pray for peace and that she focus on her goals in life.

Jamal- Pray for the attacks of satan to leave him and that God be in charge of Jamal's life and mind. Pray he stay focused on God.

Veronica Britt-Currie (Pnut)-  Cancer treatments. Pray they work and God heals!

Henrietta McLean- Monitoring for cancer

Pam Brewster- fighting cancer

Lisa- Pray that Aarona has a speedy recovery from her breast surgery.

Stephen Van Vlack- fell out of a boat and crushed all the bones in his neck. He is an induced coma. Please pray for his recovery.

Ben- Pray for good relationship with Cynthia. Pray her boys start not misbehaving and find time for balanced time together.

Jamal- Pray he gets spiritual understanding, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual wisdom in the Word of God but most of all that he will be filled with The Holy Spirit!

Randy- Has stage 3 cancer. He has to have chemo and radiation to shrink tumor before surgery. Pray all that goes well. Pray that he responds positive to all the treatments. Pray that he make full and speedy recovery

April Phillips- her 13 year old is having blood pressure problems. Pray for healing. His heart rate is high also.

Pete Faile- has an aneurysm in his head

Garry Britt- Glenn went to school with Garry. Garry was a great athlete. suffered stroke during surgery. Please remember him especially his eyesight.

Kundan Kumar- Please provide him with Visakha Vimal as his true friend and life partner as spouse. Join them together. Remove obstacles. Make them righteous and inseparable. In Jesus name. 

Paulette Wiens- Pray God's blessings upon her.

Rebecca- Pray with her for heavenly peace as Jesus coming is nigh.

Ruth Utnes- Pray for her grandson who is 26 years old. He is depressed and has chronic fatigue syndrome. Pray for his mom and dad too. Pray for the relationship between Ruth and her daughter that it improve. Also Ruth is being bullied by someone on the net.. Pray God intervene.

Suzanne- That her bid on her new home passes and she gets her dream house. Please pray God guards her new home with His blood and angels.

Cassandra Wheeler- Prayer for herself and a loved one. Restore ones walk with Christ and his whole life. Also stop an evil doer who always speaks evil of Cassandra for no reason. Bless Cassandra in Jesus name. Place your wisdom and grace upon all who is concerned here.

Sharon Tuggle- She needs a financial blessing to help take care of her and her children.

Noah- Addicted to Pornography- please pray that he be released from this. Pray that satan be bound up and not temp Noah with this. Pray that God cleanse Noah that he may get his life back together and restore relationships that have been broken.

Nina Barnes- Nina has cancer and is only 20 years old. Please pray God touch her.

Mary Fehr- Please pray the God touch her son and grandson, Wayne and Devin. that they would find their way back to God.

Jim Daniel- God's protection for his soul, body, thought of life and protection from the evils of life in his country. Keep him protected all his life.

Lou Schwindt- Going through treatments for cancer

Robert- Please pray for his grand daughter. Prayer was answered in that she was accepted to a Christian school. But there are some adverse things going on in her life that seems to be distracting her. Please pray the power of God touch her and set her back on the right track before more serious things take place.

Cee Simpson- Prayer was asked for Leroy Simpson but Jehovah Witness folks would not allow the family to pray in his room. They ask for special prayer that these folk be confounded and trouble them until they find the real God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Gordon Neufeld- Sale of Acreage and salvation for his children.

Phil Chavez- Please pray God will send him the perfect life partner soon.

Sara Leila-  Pray for her mom Aamane that she is protected from all bad happenings, bad people and their attacks. May God keep her healthy and safe.

Sara Leila- pray that God will put His hedge of protection from all evil around her. Pray that He bless her financially and give her peace and happiness. Pray for her 3 brothers also.

Brenda Morris- Please pray she find a place to live. Bless her financially and pray she find someone to love her.

Angela H.- Pray for the leaders of our country. Pray for peace in our country. That our country humble ourselves to the will of God.

Sarah- Pray for her dad who has terminal cancer. Pray for Peace for Sarah and family.

B- Please say a prayer for Bill Hiebert who is fighting lung cancer.

Jonghyuk Lee- Pray for D R Congo (Country)- 400,000 rape victims. Lots of them infected with HIV. Half of them infected with fistula which 90% can not get treatment. Among these victims are disabled, high school children, ordinary mothers and baby girls. Please pray for child soldiers who are used for human shields. 30,000 of them who's average age is 7 & 8 years old. 450,000 refugees. 93% of them children who have no malaria protection. Also remember the 4 million orphaned children. Wow!

Bencie Harrell- Glenn's wife, Carolyn's mother. She has improved a little. Thanks for the prayers.

Santa- pray for Santa and his family. His daughters, Monta and Laura. His granddaughter, Gabriella. His son in law, Ivo and Andris. Pray for his mother, Velga and his brother, Vairis. They need prayer for freedom, healing protection from the Father. They asked to be freed from any ties that are not from God. They are having a problem with the Landlord of a church property. Lots of uncertainty about their present location.

Santa- Please pray for Priest Gruntis Cukura, he has big health problems with his prostate. Pray for his wife, llga Cukura and her daughter Agnes. (Their relationship).  Pray for llga's son in law, Kritin and grandson, Benjamin.

Claidio- Please pray for Claidio and all his concerns and friends. God knows them all!

P'nut- God continue to touch her due to cancer.

Jean Helms- Colon Cancer. Please pray for her healing.

Gina- Please pray for her mother Gloria. She has pan-hypopituitarism, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, spinal arthritis,chronic pain and battles depression every day. Please pray that God will bless her with good health.

Jim Daniel- He is facing technical problems from nearer state (AP) family. Please pray for pouring of God's special blessings, and power towards that family.

TW- Pray for his daughter Kelsey. That she may be set free from her past sufferings and pain. Pray that she let go and give it to God. May she feel the love of others, friends and family. Pray that joy, peace and happiness be restored to her. Pray for His son also!

Neil- God's understanding and peace!

Phyllis- Brenda Oliver's mom- Had a heart attack. She is under hospice care. Pray for peace for Phyllis, Brenda and the family.

Jana- Little girl in hospital for 2 months. Parents are desperate to find out what is wrong.

Edward Sulo- Pray God touch his asthma and make it easy for him to breathe. Also that God bless his ministry to help jobless people.

Jasna- Please pray that God save her husband.  Really pray folks!

Debra Jenkins- Pray for her daughter, Lauren, for healing and deliverance and that all her Godly dreams come true.

Arline Norman Bennett- Pray for the healing of her shoulder.

Pastor Miles Nelson- Jacksonville Fl.  Good friend of LRQ. Will have full knee replacement. Pray all goes well.

Lynwood Sparrow- has cancer behind his voice box. The tumor is all but gone and he has a drs. appointment in Feb. please pray for total healing and that his voice comes back soon.

Myrtle Davis- Please pray God touch her. She is very sick.

William Penn- He wants to be financially independent and not have to depend on others. Please pray that God will restore all the money satan has stolen in past decades and that Mr. Penn is blessed with a double portion.

Julie Turpin- Pray for her Uncle Lewis. He is really sick. Pray God's will be done.

Jim- Deliverance from curses and enemy attacks. Pray for his health. Pray that God bless him with financial blessings from many sources without delay and disturbances.

NN- Please pray that pain is relieved for NN and also if it be God's will, reconcile any friendships, release any things that hinder their relationships and let NN accept your will Father. Please pray for Damianus Aditya Christie and NN that they be reconciled. Give NN the the strength to accept God's will! Please pray that God intervene very soon as he is getting discouraged.

John-Erik- Please pray that John is blessed financially very soon by finding a new job. Pray that he have a prosperous year ahead. Pray that God makes a way for him to visit Israel this coming summer. He would love to experience some miracles while visiting there. Pray for his family and friends in Jesus name. John-Erik wants to thank everyone for praying for him. He is also praying for all who read this.

Jim- Deliverance form curses and powerful bondage. Bless his health. To receive immediate personal economic blessings from many sources without delay. Clearance of correct pathways and lines as he wishes.

Hoehl Alina- Pray for her mother, Lenuta who has cancer. She is in coma.  Also pray for the healing and salvation for Jasmin, Alina's neighbor.

Perielle- Ma Winburns family, Elaines ( Ma"s duaghter) has the flu. Pray for quick recovery.

Buddy Winburn- has lung cancer. Please pray for healing.

Leslie Burr-  pray God keeps him well. Had Pneumonia last week.

murthy- From India, His wifes name is Apsara. They both have HIV /aids Positive. They want to be healed from this disease. Also pray that he receive money for help.  He list his bank number if anyone would like to help him.

Joyce Smith- Please pray for her foot.

Deb Schwindt- Her mom, Anne Bothe, fell and got hurt. Pray for God's touch.

Michael Raben- His brother Jeff to find work. Also pray that Michael find different work and God Bless them both financially.

Kdldeep Singh-  God set him free from anything holding him back from God's blessings. Keep satan and black magic away from him. Let him understand Black Magic has now power over God's people. Pray for him to get a good job and the God blesses him.

Rex Antony- He wishes to be filled with The Holy Spirit. Wisdom and Knowledge. What a great prayer request! He wants God's help in finding a place to locate. Somewhere in  Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Italy or Germany. He also asks that God protect him from every problem and trouble that he is facing.

Sunil Jaiswal- Her mother, Janak Dulari Jaiswai, is suffering from cancer in breast, lung, bone, and brain. Kindly pray for her. She in 49 years old. Pray God's special touch for Janak and peace for her family.

Audrey McLean- This is Glenn's Sister. She has a checkup Wednesday the 28th.

Frances Rose- Please pray for her husband who is battling some serious medical issues that could lead to to his death if things don't improve. Pray God touch him.

Marilyn Cain- Please remember her church as they deal with some issues that God knows all about. Please pray things turn out smooth and God is lifted up.

Jim Daniel- Deliverance form curses and excessive body heat. To receive necessary blessings for me. Pray God bless him financially according to His will.

UeBari Friday- 31 year old Nigerian who wants us to help him pray for Deliverance from evil spirits appearing in his dreams, deliverance from generational bondage of hardship and failures and confusion, lack of focus and direction coupled with not being able to get a job.

Christa- Please pray for her and her fiance that God lead, guide and protect them from all their enemies and to guide their steps in the way of Jesus Christ.  Also pray that God send godly people to help her mother who is sick and needs help.

Henry John- His prayer request is that God take care of his enemies that they leave him alone and that he can relax and live a life of happiness. Pray God set him free spiritually and the He lives a happy life in Christ.

Laquatta Rochelle Bell- She needs ADT loan to go through so they can put money into her account. She has a desire to tithe to God. Bless her son that the medication he needs will come soon. Bless her Daughter Mickelle's hair to grow on sides.

Molly- Pray for her salvation. That God save her.

Hannah Louise Aguilar- Pray for body healing. She had baby who died prematurely. Pray God relieve the stress and depression. Pray for her happiness!

Joey Cameron- His dad fell and fractured bone in his arm. Please pray for healing and that pain subsides.

Martina- please pray for her health. She suffers from a liver disease and it is very bad. She needs a miracle and God is a God of miracles.

Barbara Tomlinson- Pray for their children. Her Daughter Rochelle has mental illness along with post traumatic stress form a childhood event.  Their son, Shannon has health problems which are tough to deal with. He also seems lost, confused and without purpose in life. They both blame God and the world for their situations. Pray that God restores both of them both physically and spiritually as only He can do. Pray for financial blessings for the parents who are struggling to help their children. Pray that God bless them.  Please pray for Barbara as she has eye disease. Pray for restoration of the eyesight that she has already lost and God's healing hand upon her.

Charles Murray- God answered prayers for the granddaughter. Thanks so much!

Marilyn Cain- God continues to touch her body.

Dustin J. kleffner- Pray for his family and friends. Pray for the poor people in Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Dustin asks that the Lord guide him in his life. Also pray for  Steve and Miriam to get their child back and that all gets job who needs one.

Jude Pereira- Please pray that I get a good job in my acting career. All my projects get delayed just before starting. Please pray that all my projects all start on time and should not get delayed anymore. Also whoever is helping me to get the acting project should help please. Please pray that I get success in my acting career.

Nii Lantel Bannerman- Healing for Koshie Bannerman in Ghana. Sever blood pressure and enlarged heart. Crippled and in a wheel chair. Blood clot in the legs. Please pray for better health in general.

Le Marianni- Lord I pray Healing for me I pray a lot for our family but today I come to you for help for me. I ask for respect truth, trust, faith,  and that all evil to be rid of it. It has been a long time coming and I'm tired but I won't give upon my children for my Lord hear my heart please I pray amen. In guidance I pary for healing and for help.

Agnaldo Minour Hasegawa- Please help pray for Luis Kiyoshi Hasegawa, for Luisa Matiko Hasegawa.  Also pray for Mauro Akira Hasegawa and your family.

Henry John- Pray for Tweaty. She can not stand properly on floor and is slipping on ground and not eating well. Please pray if any evil or black magic is troubling her that it gets removed from her and she gets healed by the Grace of God and that she gets long life and healthy soon.

Sara W- Pray that her mammogram and biopsy this week will be clear and normal. She is a woman with young family and feels very anxious at this time. She is a christian and would appreciate all our prayers.

David Anil- Pray that David's endeavors in State Administrative Services are blessed by God and will be a vessel used by God. He is from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Pastor Norris Nash and His wife Ms. Diane- Please pray God touch them and provide what they need. God knows!

Sarah W- Please pray that mammogram results come back normal. She is a young lady with a family and pray God calms her anxieties. She is a Christian!

Edmund Krzeminski- Pray God build a wall of prayer around The USA, Canada and Poland.  In Poland pray for freedom of dead religion and believe in saving faith of Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by faith only. Pray for the Church in USA and Canada. Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church. To stir the hearts of the people and family of Edmund and himself for ministry that they will serve the Lord faithfully. Also pray for God's will, discernment, revelation and recognition for Edmund's work situation, for Dorothy his wilfe and Peter, His son and Ann, his daughter for direction in their lives and God's protection where Ann works. Bless Edmunds bosses where He works and give all of them great wisdon in their lives.

Marie Ms. Grace- Please pray for God to bring the situation which we have been in for so long to a swift and peaceful end, despite the large number of people against us, and the long time that the town that the attack has gone on. Please pray for the angelic resources of God to surround us at all times. Pray for God to make a way for Raewyn, my daughter to be set free of the very serious situation she finds herself in.

Kakkerla pramod goud- He is from India. Suffering from evil spirits and severe demonic powers in his head. Been suffering 2 years. He is reaching out for prayer folks. I am talking to Kakkerla. Pray God use me and that The Holy Spirit Touch him in a mighty way. Also he is suffering from nerves not working. He is receiving injections to try and make them work again. Pray this works.

Anirudh Mishra- Pray for her successful life and future led by The Holy Spirit. Bless her mom for good health and finances. Heal Anirudh's soul, bless her, and pray God keep His divine grace upon her. Pray for peace in the world and shower us with your Holy Spirit.

Garret Beasley- Pray for continued health improvement.

Pat Fevins-

Diana Grace Moncada Westbrook- Pray for her sister, Sahlee Mocada Minami- has MYOMA and her husband, Hediyuki Minami has high blood pressure. This couple helped Diana's almost her whole family. They even borrowed money to help and still paying for the loan. Please pray for good health and live a long life.

Cesar Rosalia Laput- He has stage 3 Cancer and recurrent Lung cancer and he can't afford his medicine. Please pray that Philippine Charity Sweepstakes will assist in the finances.

Alleen Princess Dianne Moncada-  Please pray God open her eyes to see the man she fall in love with is using her and does not love her. Please pray that God will enlighten her mind that she can see this. Her mother ask this prayer and loves her daughter very much. Please pray God intervene for this mom.

Martina- Please pray for me. I am very ill. My organs are destroyed. I need a miracle to survive. Thank you.

Tom-  Please ask God to bring Amy and Tom back together. In Jesus name

Teresa- Pray for healthy strong gums and teeth and general health. Pray she stops grinding her teeth. Natural restoration of bone loss. She prays for confident smile with no gaps or pockets. She also prays for her boyfriends health.

Sathya Sameera- Bless His money! May God provide !

Asin- Pray for her husband that he stop cheating and affairs. Let God touch her husbands heart and guide him to fear God and walk in a righteous path. Help him to stop abuse of his wife. She needs a miracle from God.

John-  Please pray that he get an economic miracle soon. He has a trip to Israel coming up and just pray for miracles for him while he is there. Pray for his family and friends. John is also praying for all of us who are praying for him. Pray that he hear from God soon.

jonghyuk Lee- Pray for rain in Somalia. People are walking 100 km trying to find water. Cattle and animals are in dire need of water. Children under 5 are in danger of many diseases. Most are dying. Prayers desperately needed. The terror group Al-shabaab who practice Sharia law needs to be exterminated.

M- Salvation for his son and his little girls, a hedge of protection around his family and guide their steps.  As for M, secure is new living arrangement in California.  Will pay his rent on the first of each month. He ask we pray that all goes smoothly with that. He ask for God's protection around him and his home. Cover him with the blood of Jesus. Secure his part time job and that he can find second part time job or whatever God might provide for him. Maybe self employment.  Clear all his debts and resolve legal matters. Guide him in his schooling and that unspoken request to his front door this summer.